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Welcome to my official website, please take a good look around to find out more about me and former con-artist and gifted trial attorney Eddie Flynn. This website doesn't have a FAQ section because I would like it to be interactive, so if you have a question please ask it using the form on the contact page and I will do my best to answer it promptly and post my reply on the "Your Questions" page.

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The Defence

The truth has no place in a courtroom. The truth doesn't matter in a trial.
The only thing that matters is what the prosecution can prove.

It's been over a year since con-artist-turned-top-defence-attorney Eddie Flynn last set foot in a courtroom. That was for the trial that would cost him his career and his family, and Eddie has vowed never to practice law again. But when Olek Volchek, the infamous head of the Russian mafia in New York, blackmails Eddie into defending him in a murder trial, Eddie has no choice but to comply. The Russians have kidnapped his ten-year-old daughter Amy and her life is on the line.

With all eyes on this high-profile case, Eddie must use his razor-sharp wit and unparalleled skills in the courtroom to defend his 'client' and ensure Amy's safety. Finally forced to confront the demons from his past and come to terms with the case that all but broke him, can Eddie convince the jury of the impossible? And with the clock ticking, will he be able to call on his contacts from the old days in order to double cross the Russians and get his daughter back?

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