A Round-up of Events and BIG News

    Those of you new to this blog will soon discover that I begin every post with an apology that I’m not blogging more and a promise to blog more often. I also plan to build a shed, clean the garage and do the ironing. None of that is getting done either. You see, […]

The Defence – Publication Baby!

The Defence had its official publication on the 12th of March. What a day. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the launch. Trust me, I was nervous as hell. The day began with a big surprise from Mrs C. She had sneakily contacted lots of friends, authors and other good folk […]


    I received an email yesterday from my editor at Orion to tell me that I’d been chosen as one of Amazon’s Rising Stars of 2015. Well, I was gobsmacked, but sure enough The Defence is on that list, together with a bunch of great debuts that I’ll be checking out this year. Here […]


I did say last time that I’d blog more often. I did, didn’t I? Well, I had good intentions. Too bad. I’m here now. Let’s forget about it. Honestly. It’s okay, have a mince pie. No, not that one, the dog’s been at it. Yes, a bit of bleach and that should come right out. […]

Belfast Noir

It’s been a busy old time here. As some of you may know, late last year I was invited to contribute a short story for Belfast Noir. This is the latest from the award-winning Akashic Books city noir series. It was with some surprise that I got an email from the Stuart Neville, who had […]

Oh dear, dear me, this will not end well…

In case you have stumbled upon this blog looking for anything of the remotest value or worth, let me apologise right now, you’ve come to wrong place altogether. This is my first post, and, well…this might be as good as it gets, but I shouldn’t be too tough on myself. After all, I have little or no technological capability. Blogger […]

On meeting your heroes and the verisimillitudes of Poo!!!!

Stephen King is probably the greatest living writer. If you read that statement and immediately thought it was wrong and such names as Martin Amis, Jonathan Franzen or Salman Rushdie sprung to mind, you would be well advised to stop reading at this point, have a lie down and then enjoy some herbal tea.  I’m […]