From Disaster to a Dream Come True – Part 1 Getting an Agent

 Getting an Agent – Never Give Up. There is one absolute irrefutable fact that I can tell you about the process of trying to obtain literary representation. It is also the single best piece of advice I can give to anyone who is trying to land a literary agent. As some of you know, there’s […]

Write What You Know: Rebus, Bosch, Cannibals and Kebabs.

 When I first started writing again in 2011, after a break of 15 years, I heard people use the phrase – ‘write what you know,’ and until recently I don’t think I ever fully understood it. I do now, but the real meaning behind that nugget of writing advice is better put another way;           To […]

Rules of Writing via Nazis, Kafka and Peter Sellers

  If anyone reading this post has not read Elmore Leonard’s rules of writing, stop now, do a Google search (other search engines are available but they’re not as good and the FBI won’t get to read your history – seems a shame to keep them out in the cold) and enjoy. Oh, and do […]

From Disaster to a Dream Come True Part 2 – Getting a Publisher

In Part 1 I talked about what it was like to be accepted by a leading literary agent and the waiting, hoping and nail-biting inevitably involved when you’re searching for a literary agent. I know what it’s like to be on that search, to have that goal. Once I’d achieved it I thought I’d got […]

Harry Bosch From Page to Screen: The Long Hello

Adapting a beloved crime series for TV or film is fraught with danger. Of the writers that have had many of their works adapted for the screen, they will say the best way to handle the process is to meet the producer in a parking lot, the producer throws the writer a suitcase full of […]

365 days until publication

  In exactly one year’s time you, yes I mean you, oh blessed reader-of-impeccable-taste, will be able to pop into your local bookshop and buy a copy of my debut novel, THE DEFENCE, published by the good people at Orion Books. With a year to go there is still much to be done to the […]

Blog Tour – My Writing Process

  A little while ago I was delighted to hear from Rob Pateman, who tagged me into the blog tour on ‘the writing process.’ You can check out Rob’s answers here Rob and I are lucky enough to be represented by the same literary agency and we have the very same Editor at Orion in […]