The Defense, The Cross, The Plea and a partridge in a pear…


Is it me you’re looking for?

Cause I wonder where you are.

And I wonder what you do.

Are you somewhere feeling…*slap*

Sorry about that.


Since I last posted a blog, I’ve had a great time at the Edinburgh Book Festival with my Orion buddy Mason Cross, I was soundly beaten at pool by my publisher at Bloody Scotland (one of my highlights of the year – a fantastic festival) and I’ve been working pretty hard.

What’s new?

Well there’s this US cover for The Defense. Hitting all good US bookstores on May 3rd 2016.

US Cover

Which is just a knockout!

And there’s the UK paperback cover.



Which is stunning.

Oh, and I’ve written a novella. It’s called The Cross, it’s a prequel to The Defence and features Eddie Flynn and Jack Halloran going up against…well….find out more here. You can pre-order it and download it free for a limited time only courtesy of the good people at Orion Books right here.

Here’s the cover.

cover the cross


Snazzy isn’t it?

So I’ll be posting updates on the second Eddie Flynn novel, The Plea, before Christmas. It’s scheduled for publication in the UK and Ireland in March 2016. So until then, download The Cross for free while you can, and I hope you enjoy it.