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No, I don’t want to see that. Put your shirt back on, please. Yes, it looks every bit as horrific as you described. Go and see a doctor, get it removed, have it shot and take it to a taxidermist.



Can you smell that? It’s nice isn’t it. Sweet. It’s the smell of a new Steve Cavanagh novel, on release in the UK and Ireland on 19th of May 2016 from all good bookstores, and some bad ones too (well, it’s only fair).



The Plea is the second book in the Eddie Flynn series and I’ve been incredibly blessed to have some of my writing heroes give the book their blessing:

“A gripping, twisty thriller” — Ian Rankin
“Legal thrillers are my blind spot, but I’ll always make an exception for Steve Cavanagh. Quite simply, THE PLEA is one of the most purely entertaining books you’ll read this year. It’s a blast” — John Connolly
“In the crowded field of legal thrillers, Steve Cavanagh stands head and shoulders above the competition, with his skilfully plotted, action-packed and big-hearted Eddie Flynn novels . . . highly intelligent, twist-laden and absolutely unputdownable” — Eva Dolan
“A cleverly constructed legal thriller combined with a classic locked-room mystery. Eddie Flynn is fast becoming one of my favourite fictional heroes and Cavanagh one of my favourite thriller writers” — S.J.I. Holliday
How cool is that?
Special edition, signed, limited edition hardback copies of The Plea can be ordered from Goldsboro Books and No Alibis.  The Plea will have it’s official UK and Ireland launch in No Alibis on 18th of May. So do come along, say hello and get a book signed.
The day after the launch I’ll be grabbing a flight to Bristol for Crimefest. I went there last year and had a fantastic few days. This is a great festival and this time around I’ll be doing a special event with ace crime writer and criminal barrister Neil White. Have you seen Making A Murderer? Are you still on the fence? Neil and I will debate the case in a mock trial and YOU are the jury. Check out the Crimefest website and book tickets.
Before events kick off for The Plea, I’ll be travelling to New York for the US publication of The Defense. I’ll be dropping into a select number of bookstores in New York and signing copies. A full list of those stores will be posted on-line and tweeted on May 3rd. And while I’m on the subject, I was blown away by this starred, boxed review for The Defense from Publishers Weekly. 
US Cover
In other news, I’m just about finishing up the third Eddie Flynn novel in the series.
 The Oath
A missing girl.
The ransom demand that will send the girl’s father to prison.
An old case that comes back to haunt Judge Harry Ford.
And at the centre of it all is a trial that will go down in history.
Old sins catch up with everyone, eventually. If his client is to survive, Eddie Flynn has to step over the line – permanently.
That’s it for now, but just a quick word about some changes to this blog.
As I said above, in a few weeks time I’ll be starting the fourth Eddie Flynn novel. Can’t quite believe it, but it’s true. I’ve written three books now, and a novella. So I’m learning how a book is put together, well, at least how one of my books is put together. My plan is to post a writing journal here on the blog. It’ll be a weekly recap of my writing week and will record my thoughts, mistakes and tips as I write the first draft.
Keep an eye out for that soon.
Til then, thanks for stopping by don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter for latest news, and more on the Eddie Flynn series – the first newsletter is going out later this month.